What is the startup effect?

Today is a very special day!

Not only is it the start of #etmooc but it is also the first ever startup effect interview day at KIPP Central City! We have narrowed down the field to 20 8th graders, which was not easy considering we had so many fantastic applications, and we are eager to see how the finalists perform in a real job interview.

Upon creating this blog we had to ask ourselves, “why is #etmooc meaningful to startup effect?” As an organization that aims to provide our students and their community with a creative-solution focused mindset, the connectivist foundation of #etmooc highlights what we consider to be the starting point for meaningful change. While we are providing a designed environment with activities and objectives, the “exploration is more important than any particular content.”

As we move forward organizationally and as a part of a much larger community, we expect to see our biggest strides come from conversations derived from our students’ and our own hands on experiences.

What’s left to do?

Work Smart. Act Now. Dream Big!